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Action Plan

Double Customers Acquisition

MENN will deliver best services and experience to grow its customers. It is hoped that by the end of 2022, our users will be doubled into 7.000. Improving customers experience is our top priority to reach customers loyalty and satisfaction. And In the end, users will be those in the front row who promote our products for bigger ecosystem.


Broadening Market Share

Another priority of the company is to broaden market share into South East Asia region. By using Global M2M SIM Card, our service will be able to be experienced in Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Estimatedly, Menn can reach up to 8 million potential customers across South East Asia. Market share is an essential metric for our businesses. It is the indicator of our company’s profitability and success. It can signal dominance in the industry and how well our revenue-generating efforts are working to achieve global business goals.

Launching an Online Accounting Application

MENN is incredibly preparing an online accounting software that allows a company to integrate different business operations, manage sales, track expenses, generate invoices, and monitor business performances at any time. Being customizable to its core, MENN Accounitng Software will be a perfect enterprise, mid-size, and small business accounting software.  This accounting software includes powerful sales management features that provide the right platform to set plans, monitor them and track outputs to help you improve the sale of goods or services.


Transport Management Application (IoS/Android)

We have designed and develop special transport management system to achieve our business goal in South East Asia. This technology has not yet been developed by any players in the industry. This will be the solid and aggressive mission of MENN to grow our services not only in Indonesia but South East Asia as well.

Ambulance ER Medical Software and Smart City Integration

One of the main infrastructures of the smart city is identified as smart health, which can be enabled with the use of modern technologies of Mennconnect, especially for accessing the patients when they need help. In this Project, a smart ambulance management system is proposed in a smart city environment. If a patient needs an ambulance, the operator finds the nearest ambulance and direct it to the patient. The coordinates of ambulances are dynamically traced by the system.

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